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Kid Quote Roundup

Funniest Kid Quotes of 2021

In the past year, you have sent in hundreds of hilarious quotes from your kids. Enjoy this look back into what was on kids’ minds in 2021.

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The funniest quotes from kids: August Tweet Roundup

Humor offers relief from the summer heat! This August, parents sent in some hilarious quotes and outtakes from their kids and we shared them around the world. These kids aged 2-7 are funny and sweet (don’t separate my heart!) but are all together very CUTE.

The funniest quotes from kids: May Tweet Roundup

This month we feature hilarious kid quotes on living your best life, Star Wars, Mother’s Day, Amazon and new babies. In this roundup we feature some clever and silly kids from ages 2-7 that make us laugh til we cry. Enjoy.