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The funniest quotes from kids: June Tweet Roundup

    In June, we had some amazing little quotes submitted by parents of funny kids around the world. Here we feature some cute and silly kids, aged 2-6, who are seeing this world with fresh eyes. From playing pretend to giving advice to Mom, these kids are bringing the funny everyday. What’s your kid said lately? Share your funny kid quotes with us here.

    Hi Doctor, I’m suffering from cuteness overload.

    I’ll work on it, bud.

    Give it some time, Aiden!

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    Alexa, where is the cake? And the whipped cream? What about the Nutella?

    Me either, Rheya.

    I’m not gonna lie. That one hurts.

    Me too, Rowan. That’s why I eat my candy bar in the closet.

    What funny things has your kid said lately? We publish new quotes every day on social media! Follow @lilquotesbook on Twitter or @littlequotesbook on Instagram and Facebook for more.