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Kids Are Hilarious: Tweet Roundup January/February

    We are two months into the year and once again, these kids do not stop getting sweeter, cuter and funnier! Here we highlight some of kid quotes that pulled on our heartstrings and tickled our funny bones. All of these quotes were shared with us from parents around the world! What silly things does your kid say? Share here.

    D is ready to count down the new year and a new age!

    Charles, those “claws” don’t come cheap! Also, bless that first grade teacher trying to life her best life and also manage 20 six year olds.

    Poor Edie was waiting for for a giraffe stampede for a few minutes there.

    Have you seen our illustrated book filled with quotes from kids around the world? It’s adorbs and makes a great gift.

    I feel you, C!

    Gotta be honest, just want to give Cooper a hug.

    You couldn’t be any cuter, Everett. And yes, when you say it like that, 1000% yes.

    Keep ’em coming!

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