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Wise Cracks: September Tweet Roundup

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    The kids know what’s up! Such wise guys! The quotes parents sent in this month had us giggling. From coffee to dragons to gorillas, these kids weighed in on the world around them. Having a funny kid with a clever take on the world is only one part of the equation, though! Someone’s gotta take a minute and jot it down, send it in, keep the memory. Look at it this way: someday, when your kid is all grown up, you’ll get double the laughs from looking back on their wise cracks!

    What’s your kid said lately? Submit your funny kid quotes with us here.

    Let’s take a look at this month’s roundup:

    Ooof, Randi! I remember that lady. (Sometimes I AM that lady!)

    I feel ya, Maceo. I like eating out too!

    BTW: We’ve got an illustrated book filled with hilarious quotes from kids around the world.

    Ok, little Einstein. That’s quite a theory! And I agree!

    Speaking of time…Cheeku’s got time management figured out!

    You’re not wrong, Charlie!

    Birch has a future career with Parks and Rec! Or the National Forestry Service!

    I prefer to call it “Preservative,” Phillip.

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