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The funniest quotes from kids: August Tweet Roundup

    white tweet on a black field for august tweet roundup

    Humor offers relief from the summer heat! This August, parents sent in some hilarious quotes and outtakes from their kids and we shared them around the world. These kids aged 2-7 are funny and sweet (don’t separate my heart!) but are all together very CUTE. From thoughts on age to a definite Monday MOOD, these kids have a unique perspective to share. What’s your kid said lately? Submit your funny kid quotes with us here.

    Oh, Sam! I’ve got turkey (and fall and pumpkins and all-things-cooler) on my mind too!

    Um…I feel this way about some relatives…when I’m eating turkey in November!

    No wonder it’s hard to be patient sometimes!

    BTW: We’ve got an illustrated book filled with hilarious quotes from kids around the world.

    Maybe little kids measure age by height?

    That’s definitely an option, Wesley!

    Hate to break it to ya, Harley…..

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