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About Us

About Us: The Team
I'm a mother of two boys, collaborative artist and freelance consultant in Miami, Florida.
I'm a Freelance Designer and Illustrator working in Wester New York.
I'm an actress, writer and mother of two little princesses in New Jersey.
I'm a Mom to kids and dogs, a writer, artist and maker in Jacksonville, Florida.

Making the Book!

Collaborating on Kickstarter

We met on a collaborative art site and just love the results of collaborating on a large scale. You never know what you are going to get and we decided to bring that opportunity to the Kickstarter community.

Our backers were able to pre-order the books, but more importantly, they became our collaborators! Contributing quotes from their own children, we were able to compile and illustrate a book that included quotes from children around the world.

Behind the scenes with our illustrator, Jake Olson.

Growing on Social Media

We quickly learned that we were onto a concept that was both fun and heartwarming. Even after the Kickstarter campaign was complete, we continued to collect kid quotes from parents via social media. The result…HILARIOUS! Your kids are amazing.

The Book is Available Worldwide!

We are thrilled to continue this journey collaborating and creating with you all. Your Little Quotes bring smiles to faces around the world every single day! Little Quotes by Little Folks is available now. More info here.