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Funniest Kid Quotes of 2021

    What a year! It was trying at times, but thank goodness we had these cute kids to keep us smiling along the way. In the past year, you have sent in hundreds of hilarious quotes from your kids. There are simply too many great ones to highlight, but we have selected some of our favorites below. We hope you enjoy a look back into what was on kids’ minds in 2021.

    Ivan is triggering me after a toy-filled holiday season! This cute quote was even selected and illustrated in our paperback release of Little Quotes by Little Folks. If you don’t have it already, it makes a great gift or really fun coffee table book. (Affiliate link.)

    Lol, this one made the book, too! Birch is hilarious. CAUTION: *Dragon Crossing*

    All of the sudden I’m craving Oliver Garden, Colin!

    Did you know? We publish quotes daily as @littlequotesbook on Instagram & Facebook and @lilquotesbook on Twitter!

    Oh, Parker…hang in there! Summers are still pretty fun for a while!

    This is one of our faves. Love the way that Jake illustrated this quote for our book!

    I think all of our kids are training for Gold at the Olympics on this one!

    Brenda, if you keep being this cute, we might all explode! My heart!

    Chance gets it. Let’s all teach our kids how to prep the coffee in the morning!

    I imagine a world where everything is made out of candy, so I get this!

    If you have a playlist, Alex, we want to hear it!

    You’ll make a beautiful purple together. So sweet, Brooks!


    If you find out, Danny, let us know.

    The plant graveyard is real.

    These kids are always thinking of others, lol.

    Thanks so much for following along, sharing your kid quotes, and buying our books and custom quote illustrations! We have loved every second of this journey so far, and have some more ideas on how to make 2022 even better.