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Funny DIY Kid Costumes for Halloween

    Costumes are a great way to help your kid express their funny bone, dream alter-ego, and make-believe. Professional parent tip: stock your dress-up bin with costumes and props. The day after Halloween is the perfect time to pick capes, wigs, characters, and props up for cheap.

    We took a cruise around online and chose a few of our favorite funny kid costumes. These are great for Halloween, theme-days at school, or just for fun. Your kids are funny! Help them dress up!

    These costumes are cute, fun and easy to DIY with some items at home and maybe a special accessory or two to really make the look complete.

    Heads-up: there are affiliate links in this post because we thought we’d make some of the shopping easier for you. Enjoy!

    Funny Kid Costume Idea #1: Pint-sized Suburban Mom

    And the shopping bags and double up for candy!!

    To source pint-sized suburban mom: Your checklist includes:

    Funny Kid Costume Idea #2: Baby Bob Ross

    Bob Ross nurtured the hearts of generations of artistic children!

    To source a Bob Ross costume:

    Funny Kid Costume Idea #3: Winnie or Willie Nelson

    Mom and Baby duos are so much fun! Great job SecretsofaWorkingMom!

    To source the baby Winnie or Willie Nelson costume:

    BTW: We’ve got an illustrated book filled with hilarious quotes from kids around the world. And we have more kid-quote projects in the works!

    Funny Kid Costume Idea #4: The Schitt’s Creek Cast!

    Okay, parents. Extra props if your kid actually knows these characters! But they’re so cute!!

    To source the Schitt’s Creek Kids:



    • White turtleneck
    • Black gown
    • Wig (she wore many so you have tons of choices! Or get the Cruella wig and maximize the dress-up fun)
    • Sunglasses



    Funny Kid Costume Idea #5: Delivery Driver and Package

    Timely or what?!

    To source the delivery pro and package:

    • Brown pajamas or sweat suit
    • Brown hat
    • Yellow fashion paint for logo
    • Recycled delivery box
    • electronic scanner (an old graphing calculator works great!)
    • Big box for package costume
    • Thick black marker

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    Footnote: the kids in the title image are Edward Scissorhands and Inspector Gadget!

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