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Celebrity Parents Are Funny Too!

    Celebrity tweet round up quote about baby spit up by Catherine Guidici Lowe

    Celebrity parents are––at the end of the day––just parents! With crazy kiddos who say funny things! And stress them out. And put body fluids….well, everywhere! Who among us doesn’t love a little dark humor and dry wit to get some comic relief? Laughter helps blow off steam as nothing else can. We thought celebrity parents deserved a nod of support from those of us who Know What They Mean! So, in honor of celebrity parents just like you and me, we offer this special-edition tweet roundup!

    Parenting is easier when you laugh!

    Perspective is EVERYTHING, Olivia!

    You know what they say about the one who smelt it!

    Moms can be grazers, too!

    What goes around, comes around, ‘eh Ryan?

    BTW: We’ve got an illustrated book filled with hilarious quotes from kids around the world. And we have more kid-quote projects in the works!

    Aw…..or are you serving spinach pudding, Max?

    Travel with toddlers is not for the fainthearted!

    Ew. And also––we’ve all been there, Jenna!

    See? Celebrity parents are clearly just like you and me! Poo, vomit, stale snacks…these, my friends, are the great equalizers in life!

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