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The funniest quotes from kids: May Tweet Roundup

    This month we feature hilarious kid quotes on living your best life, Star Wars, Mother’s Day, Amazon and new babies. Parents from around the world and around the web share the funny things their kids say with us and then we share them with you! In this roundup we feature some clever and silly kids from ages 2-7 that make us laugh til we cry. Enjoy.

    Ouch. That one stings a little.

    I think we’ll celebrate every “May the 4th be with you” with Thomas’s quote. What do your kids say about Star Wars??

    Well, how’s that for a Happy Mother’s Day?

    Let a girl follow her dreams, Mom!

    Did you know? We’ve got an illustrated book filled with hilarious quotes from kids around the world.

    Same reason why we wear yoga pants to go shopping!

    Good songs make ME feel big things, too, Alex!

    When they aren’t squeezing their new sibling too tight, they are absolutely adorable.

    Luke is ready for Amazon drone delivery, I can feel it.

    What funny things has your kid said lately? We publish new quotes every day on social media! Follow @lilquotesbook on Twitter or @littlequotesbook on Instagram and Facebook for more.