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Video: Moms Talk About the Funny Things Their Kids Say

    We are so excited to share our latest video, a tribute to Moms and Grandmas everywhere: Little Quotes (about Mom) by Little Folks.

    “Did you think that being a Mommy was going to be easy?” -Gianna, age 6. Submitted by @shepensblog this is just one of the cute and very real quotes by kids about their moms featured in this video.

    We receive lots of quotes submitted by parents of the funniest kids around the web. We invited a few moms to read and react to their kid’s quotes…and they did not disappoint!

    Happy Mother’s Day from our family to yours!

    Featuring moms: @shepensblog @redyellowgreendance @hollywebsterhomes @momming_glory @lotta_wine_little_parenting @mommycocktail @rawmother.hood

    We publish kid quotes daily on Instagram & Facebook @littlequotesbook on Twitter @lilquotesbook. Plus, we have an illustrated book filled with funny & absurd quotes that will make the whole family laugh out loud!

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