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Our Little Fact Checkers: November Roundup

    November quote round up funny kid says he really loves moms eye brows on a white rectangle with a black field

    Little kids can be big wise guys! The quotes that rolled in this month seemed to share a sweet theme: the matter-of-fact clarity of a child’s eye. They say what they see! Declare their opinion! And correct our sillies (because yes, Josie, you’re right: pumpkins don’t have heartbeats!) Kids are the ultimate fact checkers. What funny thing has your kiddo said lately?  Submit your funny kid quotes with us here.

    Quite right, Dr. Josie! Grown-ups are so silly sometimes.

    That’s a fact, Noah!

    Not that anyone is counting…

    BTW: We’ve got an illustrated book filled with hilarious quotes from kids around the world.

    Way to set boundaries, Henry!

    Theo calls a fruit a fruit!

    Aw…..kisses dry but memories last!

    Thanks for your quotes!

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