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Valentine’s Day Advice for Parents from Funny Kids

    It may be a Hallmark holiday, but Valentine’s Day celebrations can not be skipped. After you’re done celebrating with handmade cards from the kids, take some time to celebrate with your special someone. We’ve put together some Valentine’s Day advice for parents that we’ve gleaned from some very astute kids on how to have a fantastic night.

    Make a dinner reservation!

    If you love ’em, tell ’em. Also, leave the kids with Grammy.

    A little makeup goes a long way…

    …but don’t overdo it!

    Might be time to shave. But hey, it’s February and it’s been a long quarantine.

    And while you’re at it…go for it, Mom.

    Can’t find any alone time? Sometimes the trick is staying up a little too late!

    Uhmm…we’ll just leave this here…

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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