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funny kid quotes

Funniest Kid Quotes of 2021

    In the past year, you have sent in hundreds of hilarious quotes from your kids. Enjoy this look back into what was on kids’ minds in 2021.

    The funniest quotes from kids: February Tweet Roundup

      “Mommy do you like my new sound? It’s brand new from my brain!” It’s interesting, sweetie, but why is it so loud? Here are some of the cutest quotes from kids this month submitted to us from parents around the web.

      The funniest quotes from kids: November Tweet Roundup

        “School was super. I didn’t get into any trouble.” Here are the funniest kid quotes from this month. Kids say funny things…but seriously, where do they come up with this stuff?? Parents from around the world share their kids cutest, silliest and most absurd quotes with us…and we are so glad they do!