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Recording Memories

ideas for national family day on a white rectangle and a black field with celebrations in red

National Family Day Ideas

    September 27 is National Family Day and you should celebrate! These “small t” traditions create opportunities for making positive memories. And a little effort goes a long way. We’re coming in hot with some ideas you can use to make National Family Day an easy and memorable favorite. Celebrating the ways… Read More »National Family Day Ideas

    Giveaway: Post a Photo of Your Book!

      In celebration of our paperback book release, we are running a giveaway for a Custom Digital Illustration! To enter, post a photo of your copy of Little Quotes by Little Folk on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Use hashtag #mylittlequotesbook and tag us to be entered to win.

      Things I’d Never Know If It Weren’t For You

        A few years ago, I opened a new note in my phone and the first line I started typing was, “Pirates love brown things.” It was such a random statement. but my daughter shared this with so much confidence I couldn’t help but laugh.

        Capturing Your Child’s Little Moments

          Time passes, kids grow up, and the nest empties. Writing down the funny things our kids say captures moments just like our photos do, and sometimes, like the ghosts of Christmas past reveal, even better.