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Things I’d Never Know If It Weren’t For You

    This article written by Sarah Webster Plitt was originally published on Momthinks as The Start of Little Quotes by Little Folks.

    A few years ago, I opened a new note in my phone and titled it, Things I’d Never Know If It Weren’t For You. The first line I started typing was, “Pirates love brown things.” It was such a random statement. but my daughter shared this with so much confidence I couldn’t help but laugh. From then on, whenever she’d make these bold declarations, mispronounce a word in the cutest way or state something with oblivious innocence as only a four-year-old could, I had my special place to record it.

    The list was starting to grow…I was struck with the realization that this is so much more than a bunch of silly phrases. These were memories. Moments in time that I can relive just by reading the sentence. 

    Recording memories of the cute things our kids say

    I remember a drive into the city, looking at her little face in the rear-view mirror as she was rattling off sweet nonsense, and knowing that I needed to pull over and type it out or else it’d be lost forever. 

    Today’s parents have more technology available than any generation before them. And you would be hard-pressed to find one that didn’t have thousands of photos of their children stored on their phone. But why are we only saving their images?

    But why are we only saving their images? 

    Their words have just as much power, sometimes more. I’ve spent so much time trying to wrangle my children for the perfect photo. This often results in disappointment. But writing down a quote takes only seconds. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we believe that children’s words are worth a thousand memories.

    This is the thinking that inspired Little Quotes by Little Folks. We collect beautiful, absurd, funny and even profound statements from children and we share them with the world. We’ve made an illustrated book filled with some of our favorite quotes. This includes a section to record your own in the back. We even offer customized illustrations to anyone who wants a personalized keepsake of their children’s words.

    We share kid quotes on our social media daily.

    Children’s quotes put smiles on our faces every day and we’re thrilled to have a platform to share them. Check us out on social: @littlequotesbook on Instagram & Facebook, @lilquotesbook on Twitter.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we believe that children’s words are worth a thousand memories.