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Capturing Your Child’s Little Moments

    Time passes, kids grow up, and the nest empties. Writing down the funny things our kids say captures moments just like our photos do, and sometimes, like the ghosts of Christmas past reveal, even better.

    The funniest quotes from kids: November Tweet Roundup

      “School was super. I didn’t get into any trouble.” Here are the funniest kid quotes from this month. Kids say funny things…but seriously, where do they come up with this stuff?? Parents from around the world share their kids cutest, silliest and most absurd quotes with us…and we are so glad they do!

      kids are honest about their feelings

      Little kids with big feelings

        Well, stop! 🤦🏻‍♀️. Such a cute quote courtesy of the very funny @honeymustardmama Click on the image to follow us on Instagram!

        funny kids little quotes book

        You can order the book now

          Our book release is almost here and we can hardly contain our excitement! A funny, heartwarming gift for family and teachers this holiday season..•Little Quotes By Little Folks is now available for preorder. We are so proud of the finished product and can’t wait to share it with you! 

          funny quote for newborn brother

          What a good big sister

            The baby needs milk stat! 😜. Love this gem from @avocadomama1 Want more laughs? Buy the book!

            funny pirate quote

            Talk like a pirate day

              Cuteness overload ❤️ quote courtesy of the very funny @cheesecakeandcrying. You never know what kids will come up with on “Talk like a pirate day!” Click on the image to follow us on Instagram.

              quote on getting ready for school

              Getting ready for school

                Well, that clears it up 😜 Quote courtesy of @sarabellab123. Getting ready for school is a process; who knew there were so many stages? Get more funnies when you buy the Little Quotes by Little Folks book!

                funny quote about pregnancy and anatomy

                Where do babies come from?

                  No, sweetie. It just looks like there are two 😢😂. Quote courtesy of @havepunswilltravel. Wanna bet that the big question about where babies come from is next? Get more funny quotes by funny kids when you buy the book.

                  "Mommy, do you know hand sanitizer wasn't even invented until you were my age?”

                  Wash your hands!

                    Can you believe we actually had to use soap and water? The horror 😜. Quote courtesy of the funny @itsdeenalang  Soap or sanitizer though, we’re just glad they wash their hands! Submit your own funny kid quotes.

                    funny running quote

                    Running behind

                      I’m using this excuse next time I’m “running” late 😜 Quote via the funny @leahbobeahb Do your kids say funny things? Submit their quotes here for the chance to be featured.