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The funniest quotes from kids: April Tweet Roundup

From 8 year-olds that are getting a taste of adulting to 7 year-old presidential candidates running on a “Candy Party” platform, (You’ve got my vote!) here are some of the cutest quotes from kids this month submitted to us from parents around the web.

Capturing Your Child’s Little Moments

Time passes, kids grow up, and the nest empties. Writing down the funny things our kids say captures moments just like our photos do, and sometimes, like the ghosts of Christmas past reveal, even better.

"Mommy, do you know hand sanitizer wasn't even invented until you were my age?”

Wash your hands!

Can you believe we actually had to use soap and water? The horror 😜. Quote courtesy of the funny @itsdeenalang  Soap or sanitizer though, we’re just glad they wash their hands! Submit your own funny kid quotes.

Lucy: Mummy... Me: Yes, baby? Lucy: You look...knackered.

Mommy’s exhausted

Kids do wonders for your self esteem 😳…via Jessica Sharp Brutal honesty is a (hilarious) trait of childhood. Got something funny to share? Submit your quote for a chance to be featured on our social media.

*licks my jeans* Me: Don't do that! You can get sick! James: I'm not gonna get sick! You're delicious!

Tastes like denim…

The CDC would not approve 😜 via the super funny @anna.doesnt.want.to Tasty denim, cringy germs! Come see what funny things kids said about everything from poop to arcades in the Little Quotes by Little Folks book!