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The funniest quotes from kids: December Tweet Roundup

    “Mom, you know how you were born a long time ago, back in the 1900s?” Our readers have some of the internet’s funniest kids! Thank you for sharing the funniest things your kids say. This month’s quotes were really hard to choose. We’ve got backhanded compliments, kids ready to party, and even a very big fan of Dunkin’ Donuts.

    quote on getting ready for school

    Getting ready for school

      Well, that clears it up 😜 Quote courtesy of @sarabellab123. Getting ready for school is a process; who knew there were so many stages? Get more funnies when you buy the Little Quotes by Little Folks book!

      what kids think about reading

      Literacy and learning

        This kid’s got it all figured out 😜. Quote courtesy of the very funny @blabnation Just stare at the page and fake it ’till ya make it! Come see what other funny things kids had to say when you follow our Instagram. Just click on the image to get there.