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onions make me cry

Onions make me cry too

    This is too cute ❤️ via the super funny @momdamnit  Kids have their very own funny language. To get more hilarious moments, get the Little Quotes by Little Quotes book.

    funny quotes about dinner

    Vegetables and foie gras, kid.

      From now on I’m only answering to Fancy Pants 😂. Quote via the hilarious @momsterclub  We wonder what mom offered for dinner to earn that nickname! Get more funny kid quotes from the book, Little Quotes by Little Folks.

      *licks my jeans* Me: Don't do that! You can get sick! James: I'm not gonna get sick! You're delicious!

      Tastes like denim…

        The CDC would not approve 😜 via the super funny @anna.doesnt.want.to Tasty denim, cringy germs! Come see what funny things kids said about everything from poop to arcades in the Little Quotes by Little Folks book!