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FAQ: Submit a Quote

Thank you for considering to submit your child’s funny quotes to share with us! Little Quotes by Little Folks was born out of collaboration among four artists, our founding team. We wanted to create something fun and heartwarming together, along with others from around the world. Out of this, we have published a book full of illustrated kid quotes and also share quotes regularly on our blog and social media accounts. When we embarked on this adventure, we didn’t know where it was headed. But now we see that we are building a brand that spreads smiles throughout the world. Kids are funny! And we want to share that joy.

Our work cannot exist without your contributions! We understand what it is like to be a collaborator and contributor. You want to know how your work will be used. The purpose of this page is to be as transparent as possible with you. Please be sure to read the agreement on the Submit Your Quotes form as the official Terms & Conditions, as details can change over time.

Do all submitted quotes get published?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that all quotes will be featured. We thank you so much for being a part of this collaborative process!

Will you publish my child’s quote as written?

We’ll do our best to honor the quotes we use, but may need to edit them for editorial reasons.

I saw a funny quote online. Can I submit it?

No. Please only submit quotes that your child said, or perhaps you said as a child. You must be the owner of the content that you submit. Thank you!

When I submit my child’s quote, do I still own the rights to it?

Yes! You still own your quote. You are granting us the right to use the quote and create new work from it.

Where are quotes used/published?

We are growing and so the possibilities are still growing, as well! Currently, we publish quotes on our blog, social media, promotions and in our hardcover book. We have plans to offer merchandise in the near future.

Will I receive credit for my child’s quote?

In general, our goal is to give you and your child as much credit as possible, while still making sense for the specific format. When you submit your child’s quote, you have the option to remain anonymous or to receive your name or social media handle as credit (where possible). Quotes can be used in a variety of formats. Some examples of how they may be used and how attribution varies per format are shown here:

Social Media: If your child’s quote is featured on our social media, we will include (if provided) the child’s name, age, geographic location as well as your name or social media handle as provided. We will also tag you on social media where possible.
Books: If your child’s quote is published in a print book, we will likely only include (if provided) the child’s name and age (geographic info, TBD).
Merchandise: If your child’s quote is used in merchandising, it is possible that only the quote will be used. However, where possible, credit will be provided in product descriptions or promotions.

Why should I share my child’s quotes with Little Quotes by Little Folks?

We hope that you enjoy collaborating with us! Know that the funny things your child said can bring smiles and laughs to families all around the world. In some instances, new art/illustrations will be created to go along with the quote. We find the collaborative process exciting and inspiring – it’s cool to be part of a larger body of work. We are very small and new. We are not able to compensate for quotes at this time. But we do value attribution and absolutely try to give credit where credit is due wherever possible.