quote on getting ready for school

Getting ready for school

Well, that clears it up 😜 Quote courtesy of @sarabellab123. Getting ready for school is a process; who knew there were so many stages? Get more funnies when you buy the Little Quotes by Little Folks book!

funny quote about pregnancy and anatomy

Where do babies come from?

No, sweetie. It just looks like there are two 😢😂. Quote courtesy of @havepunswilltravel. Wanna bet that the big question about where babies come from is next? Get more funny quotes by funny kids when you buy the book.

"Mommy, do you know hand sanitizer wasn't even invented until you were my age?”

Wash your hands!

Can you believe we actually had to use soap and water? The horror 😜. Quote courtesy of the funny @itsdeenalang  Soap or sanitizer though, we’re just glad they wash their hands! Submit your own funny kid quotes.

funny running quote

Running behind

I’m using this excuse next time I’m “running” late 😜 Quote via the funny @leahbobeahb Do your kids say funny things? Submit their quotes here for the chance to be featured.

quote about kid sleep

Check-in with your body

The body wants what it wants. It’s good to check-in with your tired body! Quote courtesy of the very funny @satiricalmommy  Kids say so many funny things as they grow in self-awareness. Submit your funny quotes for a chance to be featured on our social media.

onions make me cry

Onions make me cry too

This is too cute ❤️ via the super funny @momdamnit  Kids have their very own funny language. To get more hilarious moments, get the Little Quotes by Little Quotes book.

kid quote about arguments

Don’t interrupt

Because I started my words first! 😜. Love this funny quote from the hilarious @redyellowgreendance We loved this definition of “interrupt.” For more funny moments from a kids’ point of view, check out Little Quotes by Little Folks.

funny kid quote about naps

Nap inclusion

Pet naps are my favorite 😜. This adorable little gem courtesy of @momsterclub  After all, cats aren’t the only pets who nap! Got a funny kid? Submit their quotes for a chance to be featured.

funny quote about body hair

Gender observations

I guess I’m a daddy too then 😜 Quote via the very funny @millennialmama90  Gender observations are funny. Got some funny quotes to share? Submit them here for a chance to be featured.

funny quote about playing games with kids

Sportsmanship is funny

Kids are fun 😜 Quote via the hilarious What’s better than losing at Chutes and Ladders? Our hilarious Instagram account! Click on the image to follow.

funny quotes about dinner

Vegetables and foie gras, kid.

From now on I’m only answering to Fancy Pants 😂. Quote via the hilarious @momsterclub  We wonder what mom offered for dinner to earn that nickname! Get more funny kid quotes from the book, Little Quotes by Little Folks.

a kids rules for marriage

Funny wedding facts

Them’s the rules 😜 quote via the very funny @xtina_crawford on Twitter The way kids see the world is funny! Get more giggles when you buy the book.